Can Messi Be Successful With Man City As Ronaldo Was With Juventus?

Messi and Ronaldo share a moment

At the age of 35, Ronaldo scored 31 goals in Serie A. Considering his 5 assists would take his goal involvement to a total of 36. A subtle remider that Juventus scored 76 goals in Serie A with Ronaldo being involved in 36 of those and we are talking strictly about the Italian League known for its defence.

However I cannot state that Ronaldo has had a succesful term with Juve as eventually all the glory of any campaign is judged on the Champions League. The scudetto winners did go out crashing in the European quest for glory. We can tell that Ronaldo has “adjusted” to life in Serie A, but his venture in Italy is still a failure un comparison to his days aat Real Madrid.

Messi looks set on leaving FC BarcelonaA

About Lionel Messi aged 33, who is likely to make a move to Manchester City. If King Leo wanted to leave FC Barcelona, ideally he should have gone to PSG. His reunion with Neymar and his likelihood of success in the French capital seems more realistic. Instead, Messi chose the toughest league on the planet with his favourite coach Pep Guardiola.

Adjusting to life in England is not easy and most players leave the Premier league from the age of 28. Messi’s physicality is yet another factor. His short strature will invite some really strong tackles and an imjury is a lot likely. As the saying goes, “But can he do it at a cold night in Stoke?” shall be truly tested.

But we cannot forget we are talking about Lionel Messi. A 6 time Ballon d or winner and one of the football’s all time greats. Haven’t we criticised him enough for his decision to never leave Barca? Now that he is taking up a new challenge, we are again criticising him for leaving Barca.

The rules are always different for Leo Messi and that is what makes him the best player on the planet.


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