Champions League: Reasons behind FC Barcelona’s catastrophic failure

FC Barcelona Manafer Setien

On a hot night in Lisbon, a European football giant was crushed and eliminated from the champions league. FC Barcelona who faced criticism for not playing consistent football faced a daunting uphill battle against a free-scoring Bayern Munich. It took Bayern less than 4 minutes to score their opening goal. And in spite of equalising in less than 10 minutes, Barcelona never looked convincing. A rampant display of attacking brilliance by Bayern Munich sealed their champions league semi-final spot. But how did it all come to this?

Lionel Messi FC Barcelona

Bayern vs FC Barcelona UEFA Champions League

Arriving in the champions league quarter-finals, Bayern Munich had a simple game plan. Their priority focus was on the attack. All Barcelona had to do was focus on their own scoring of goals. Bayern made it look like, ”we are going to score, you also try to score and let’s see who goes to the champions league semis.” Barcelona had their chances in the first half but conceded a plethora of goals in quick succession which cost them their confidence and ultimately the game.

Semedo and Sergio Roberto’s huge champions league mistakes

Bayern vs FC barcelona UEFA Champions League

As if FC Barcelona were not scoring enough, they had to make mistakes at the back. You cannot afford to give room to Bayern Munich. This champions league saw the Blaugrana making huge errors. The comfort with which Alphonso Davies went past Nelson Semedo for the 5th goal highlighted the poor Barca defence.

Quique Setien’s poor management

FC Barcelona Manafer Setien

The Barcelona manager had clearly given up hope and for obvious reasons. But if your game plan does not work then you can change it! It was surprising to see Bayern Munich making substitutions. Barcelona should have started to make changes if the game was not going according to their plan. At least, Setien could have made some damage control changes. He could have brought on one more defender and gone with a 5-3-2 to save the embarrassment. Instead, the Barcelona man in charge decided to accept his fate and the night became more and more embarrassing.


Pique summer up the performance and correctly said that Barcelona have hit the rock bottom. Unless Barca starts making some serious managerial changes, this will happen again.


Mes que un  club

Viva Barca!!   

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