Chelsea At Anfield : Attempt to rain on Liverpool’s Parade

Pulisic Chelsea squad

The beautiful game 😍

 Yes,  there is always gonna be a debate as to who deserved and who did not deserve to win.  But for once,  can we just take a moment to appreciate what a thriller we had last night.  What started as a one sided affair,  soon turned out to be one of the Premier league’s finest matches so far.  I am pretty sure that no Liverpool fan must be seated comfortably  thinking this match is in   our pocket.There were lots of  positives for both the sides.

Chelsea as the challengers

From 30 years now,  it has been a tradition in British football for a team to say, “ next year will be our year”,  a tradition which was founded, religiously practised,  and held to  their hearts by the Anfield faithful.  Someone has to continue that tradition, And personally after last night and considering the successful transfer season by Frank Lampard we have to wonder, weather Chelsea might really go for it next season?  Sure they have the squad and the manager, how long before they have the formula? for now Chelsea fans, next year might just be your year.😉

Amazing pulisić

If Chelsea were amazing last night, then pulisić  was out of this world.  Yes, Chelsea fans might  keep Eden Hazard close to their hearts,  But,I am pretty convinced that after The Americans performance, Chelsea fans have long moved on.  He  single handedly( not literally) led The Chelsea attack and was clearly the most dangerous player on   the pitch. With Timo Werner set to join next year, Chelsea’s attack already looks threatening, and Pulisić remains to be the cherry on the icing, which is already on the cake.

Kepa,  oh kepa

If you would  have told a neutral last night that one of the 2 goalkeepers was the most expensive in the world, then nobody would have guessed it to be kepa..  we were just criticizing David De Gea, and all of a sudden He appears to be exceptional after you watch kepa’s  performance. Frank Lampard needs to strengthen his defense especially, the goalkeeper if he wants to put a real bid  for the Premier League next season.

Should Chelsea have started with Pulisic?
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Chelsea are gonna be deadly next season




Chelsea have a dangerous attack… Havertz , ziyech and Werner along with Pulisić

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