City need to look for defensive options from La liga

Hey there citizens !
Greetings from Jason. I write this article to point out the straight fact that whenever city need to buy defensively , they should always and always look for options in the La Liga!!
The Spanish league is more oriented towards playing out from the back. The youngsters are taught passing before they can even learn how to walk ! Also, you cannot survive in Spain if you are a defender and not a good aerial threat . Thus, the Spaniards are tough to beat , good in the air and most importantly , excellent passers of the ball, making them ideal from Manchester City’s perspective.
Aymeric laporte , Eric Garcia, Rodrygo.
One thing all of these Manchester City players have in common you ask ? All are defensive players AND from Spain.
Nobody imagined the impact of Aymeric Laporte would be this tremendous when he first joined. Now in the 19/20 season though, Laporte’s injury is supposedly the biggest factor why Liverpool went so far ahead of city.
Eric Garcia has formed a fine partnership with Laporte and looks to mature for his age.
In Rodrygo, City have found a successor for Fernandinho.
Best defensive options are from Espanyol

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