How Manchester City can become a force like Bayern Munich in the Champions League

Bayern Munich have become the team to beat in this Champions League season. Manchester City were supposed to stop the strong German opposition but terribly failed as they were knocked out by Lyon.
Here are the basic things that Manchester City can do if they want to become like Bayern Munich.
Most important for any team is to play with the same character and consistency across a tournament . A big team will never adjust their style of play against any opposition . Bayern Munich always appear to play with the same style irrespective of their opposition . Manchester City on the other hand loose their DNA against a big side.
2. Quality full backs
Alphonso Davies’ architected Bayerns 5th goal and was my personal favourite of the night. Manchester city have found an excellent full back in Joao Cancelao, but Kyle walker and Benjamin Mendy need to step up their attacking game. A serious lack of product by the “attacking” full backs has been the difference between City and Liverpool as well. Guardiola needs full backs who can assist and even score goals like Alexander Arnold.
3.Character on the ball
Bayern Munich’s confidence on the ball was blistering. Every pass they made seemed to have a certain purpose. They played with a strong sense of domination and got their huge result against Barcelona . Manchester City on the other hand move the ball pretty slowly and aimlessly at times. Even the crossing seems to be without any true intent! If you want to become European Champions, you need to start playing like one.
POLL : Can Manchester City ever become Bayern Munich ? Yes or no

Can Manchester City ever become like Bayern Munich?
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