How Phil Foden Can Carry David Silva’s Legacy At Manchester City

Phil Foden and David Silva

Phil Foden has the all the qualities and more to replace david Silva.Before we even discuss about the technical abilities of Foden let’s not forget the basic element which makes Foden so special is the fact that he grew up as a city fan! Imagine the opportunity to play for your favourite team, the one you grew up admiring! Adding to the fact that he is still learning under the greats of David Silva, Kevin DeBruyne and coached by Pep Gardiola, the 20 yr old British boy is a huge asset to any team.


Now that is a huge title for a young player. Iniesta, David Silva are all known for their extreme awareness and passing ability in tight spaces. The 2010 world cup winning Spanish team featured the likes of Silva and Iniesta. Foden is bing compared to them for a big reason. He is brave enough to dribble into clusters of defender’s yet aware of his team mates position and knows when to pass the ball. This season, the departure of Leroy Sane saw Foden play at the wings, byet he was always eager to cut in towards the middle where all the action occurs. This proves he will be a great fit into the midfield.


David Silva was a great player on the ball and his link up play with others especially Aguero was very strong. However, towards the end of his career, David Silva was having finishing troubles. Foden can shoot from long ranges as well as bury the ball in the back of the net from close range and can always be relied upon to score goals. A 20 year old with the sky as his limit and having been coached under the worlds best should not disapoint. The stage is set for Foden and only he himself can stop him from becoming a city legend.

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