How prepared are Juventus FC for the UEFA Champions league ?

Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri has had a controversial season with the Italian giants. He might have won the scudetto, but in many regards is the worst of the 9 consecutive ones. As the Champions league resumes on Friday, many have questioned the odds of Juve to end their 24 year wait for European glory. UEFA Champions league was last won by the Bianconeries in the 1995/96 season. Max Allegri was harshly sacked because of inability to win the champions league, but how has his successor taken over the reigns? Lets asses some facts.

Sarri might be new to Juventus, but is no stranger to the Serie A. Such results cannot be appreciated and raise questions on him as a decision maker.

Look at the numbers behind Juventus’ “title winning season.”


* Worst points haul (83 points)

* Conceded more goals (43 goals)

* Recorded their worst goal difference (+33)

* Highest number of defeats (7)

* Smallest final points gap between top two (1 point)


The team form is also poor because of defeats in their last 2 games. They face an in form and fit Lyon on Friday on what appears to be a thriller.

Maurizio Sarri Juventus FC Manager UEFA Champions League

Ronaldo is the last hope for Champions league glory

Christiano Ronaldo StatsBeing involved in 36 of the 76 Serie A goals, Ronaldo seems to be doing the business at the attacking end of the pitch. His importance was highlighted in the loss to Roma. Juventus appear a complete different team with Ronaldo in it. There is lack of ambition and ideas without Chris.

Sorry to burst the bubble Ronaldo fans, but this is BAD NEWS! One man carrying a team might sound cool, but is a dangerous idea when implied.

Juve need to find other attacking sources too if they want to win the Champions league.

Juventus need to tighten their defence if they want to bid for the Chanpions League

Rafa Verane Juventus FC UEFA Champions League

So many times have we witnessed a team winning the Champions league after strengthening their defence. Liverpool changed it all in one year courtesy of a new goalkeeper and defender. Madrid have been guarded at the back by Sergio Ramos and Rafa Varane. Juventus have a good defence, but is it good enough to land them the Chanpions league? 43 goals conceded is a warning sign for Sarri. This is astonishing as Italian league is considered to have the tightest defence in the whole of Europe.

Do you agree with us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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Will Juventus proceed to the next round?
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