John Stones

Managers trust

 For any player to be a successful part of the team and to be constantly contributing to the success, the first step is inevitably the managers trust. That  is the first step gone wrong for the England international,  John stones. Now with his 3rd season under Pep Guardiola ,one would expect him to have reached the substantial  potential that he could unlock. But in recent week’s it looks pretty  clear that  stones is 3rd choice defender for Pep Guardiola. Some would argue he’s the 4th choice, if you consider Fernandinho. John can still make it if he performs well in the Champions League but the chances of that happening are pretty bleak.

 Why a transfer is being linked ?

Any player who has been coached under Pep Guardiola is considered elite by default, no matter how bad he’s performing for the team. Under his coaching pep has trained some of the best defenders including Gerrard pique  and Carlos Puyol,  and  thus, naturally a player becomes valuable. stone’s still has a bright career in front of him should he choose to stay in the Premier League and fight for his spot in the England international , but for that he needs minutes on the pitch which will come from a transfer. Stones can still live up to his potential and a lot of clubs will know that, and because he’s not favored at the Etihad, they can get him for a bargain price.

Beneficial for both the parties

 City know that they can get a good price for him and John knows he can have a number of clubs to choose  from. One  party can strengthen Their defense with the transaction, And the other party gets regular first team football.

Nonetheless,  we would like to see John Stones become one of the Premier leagues strongest defenders in the upcoming years let’s hope he plays his cards right.

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