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An error prone nature

When it comes to Making mistakes, Stones has a pretty embarasing record in that aspect. Consistency is the problem for him as he struggles to find form.  From costing Manchester City the Champions League against Monaco FC to letting players easily past him against Liverpool, Guardiola could never trust stones and had to make a move for Aymeric Laporte eventually. one of the best performances of stones came against Liverpool as he brilliantly cleared the ball off the line in a make or break title decider. Stones failed to replicate the form since and the following injuries were no helpful. Come season 19/20 And the departure of Vincent Kompany stones looked set to command the defense with Aymeric, but things went terribly South and with the Academy youngster Eric Garcia finding himself above stones in the picking order, time has come for stones to look  for options elsewhere.

One can debate that stone should be given more chances but in  Premier League against a Liverpool side,Guardiola cannot take any chances with his defense and to be fair to stones he had his chances to gain his managers trust, but at the moment it seems best for the club and  player to part ways. let’s look at possible destinations for him.


With  having experience of training under  Mikel Arteta,Stones should find himself playing more minutes at the Emirates should he choose to leave the Etihad. This seems to be the most promising option For him but the friction Between Man City and Arsenal at the moment may provide some hindrance. Nonetheless, this would be a good signing for  Arsenal and city could make some profit and use it to bring a  steady world class defender.  This would however not ensure that stones will improve as a player,  surely now he’ll have the incentive to prove his previous boss wrong and provide service at exceptional levels but the chances of this going wrong For Arsenal are equally apt.

Leeds United

This could be another promising option For the British international. After finally being back in the Premier League Leeds United will surely look to strengthen their squad to ensure that they remain there for a longer time.  as the famous saying goes, “attacking players may score goals but defenders win you titles”, Leeds United will surely look for a new strong defender and stones might just get a New Hope of fighting for his place in the national squad

we hope this does not happen (Napoli)

Manchester City are infamous for using players in swapping and reducing the transfer fee. There  is no secret about their admiration for Koulibali and we do not want to see John Stones  becoming a part of the deal and being sent off to Napoli.


As much as we want to see John Stones becoming a reliable defender and winning more titles which city it becomes more difficult due to his error prone nature to let him continue with city. Let’s hope the player and the club both get the most out of this deal.

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