Lampards Chelsea cannot be ignored!

Frank Lampard

Here is the thing,
Sarri had a wonderful time at Chelsea in 18/19 season, but then, he left.
Since Conte, Chelsea has been under continuous transformations. It takes time for a team to adjust to new coaching styles. Other than Real Madrid, its just been Chelsea.
During Conte’s tenure, we really saw Chelsea drop its standards. Even the tactical brilliance that had been a feature of his first season at the club, came under scrutiny. The switch to a 3-5-2 formation, sacrificing width and sidelining Willian, did not work.
In my opinion, If you pick any of the past 5 seasons of Chelsea, you just cannot say that they looked dangerous.Remember how Anfield was rocked by the Atheletico lightening?. When Liverpool gave away their first leg match, football pundits had already given their statements saying that Liverpool had walked in the meanest defensive traps, and then it came true.
Once a decade every team goes through a transition which sees old players being replaced by new ones.Except the fact that Chelsea lost Eden Hazard and to Madrid, and Alvaro Morata to Atheleti, who seems much happier there, they have been doing some serious rebuilding of their ship.
During one year of Sarri’s tenure, despite that he kept his reputation intact, none of you Chelsea fans will want the Italian back when you have got the right man for the job.Frank genius Lampard. Despite the rough start at Old Trafford, Lampard recorded 8 straight wins in 12 of their games with 2 draws.The magic doesn’t lie in the each player, they are not messi or ronaldos, its the balance this team has found. Imagine winning 2-0 Against Wolves with a 3-4-3 formation, with the fear that Adama Traore might just start running on that right flank with that huge void and score!, and then you see Jorginho, Kovacic working tirelessly to stop the attacks!.
Fans had comdemned Lampard to start with Tammy Abraham earlier, but he has turned out to be a wonder kid. Chelsea has also been gifted with Pulisic.
Jorginho who was called slow and ineffective has been much more efficient, carrying the loads of Eden Hazard. They might have not won the Premier league, but their wins against Liverpool or return against Ajax cannot be forgotten and it was all this season.
Chelsea has changed alot since the last year:Chelsea Formation

With the wonder signings of Hakim Ziyech and young gun Timo Werner, well it gives me some serious goosebumps when you imagine that forward line, the mid with Jorginho and Kante. An in form Azpilicueta running those defensive chores, they have been doing everything right lately. A clear stat shows that Lampard secured 66 points and Sarri had bagged 72 despite their difference in experiences.
It wont hurt to see Chelsea lift the Champions League will it?

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Chelsea will win next season only if they tighten their defence … Liverpool and city could only win after boosting their defence


They just might be a thriller to watch

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