Latario over Halland

It’s no secret that FC Barcelona are in for a young new striker in the market.

Lautaro Martinez has been the chosen candidate according to spanish news outlets for quite some time and was my preferred choice as well. The thought of 2 brilliant Argentines in the front line together on the field made me really excited. But looking at how Inter won’t budge the 111m price tag even in this market. And how he isn’t willing to call all shots for a move made me reconsider. He is a brilliant striker, a good dribbler, can hold the ball, work in small spaces, puts in effort for the defensive duties, has a very good understanding of the game and there is that spark with Messi when you look at them playing together for the Argentina national team and undoubtedly one of the best strikers available at the moment. But is he the best though?

I’m not going to put stats up here but we all know the crazy numbers Erling Haaland has pulled off this season and there are absolutely no signs of him stopping any time soon, can’t say the same for Lautaro (slight dip in form since the restart). Both have performed well this season but honestly speaking, they both have nothing but just this season to show for. And to pay such high transfer fee for one of them again in this market is just absurd.

Let’s consider Haaland’s case for a sec. At just 19 years of age, he is focused, excellent on the ball, acceleration, finishing, off the ball movements, you name it and he’s good at it. And oh, did I mention that he’s 1.94m tall? You know how much it would mean for a team like Barcelona to have such physical and aerial dominance in the front line? We are struggling for goals. Most teams know that we can build out from the back and hence they have started parking the bus in front of the goal. It would mean the world to have a tall striker in the game who can put the game to bed by a headed shot. We don’t have that advantage right now. Most teams who face such problems have solutions. We can have that solution in the form of Haaland and you know what? At half the price. It is bonkers that he made Dortmund put a 60m release clause in the contract. I know his agent will cause problems but even then he must not cost more than 75m. Haaland has shown us that he’s capable of performing for any side and doesn’t need much time to adapt to different styles by excelling at Dortmund. He is calm, composed and passionate for the game. We need such dedicated hard workers in the team. He has well over 10 years of game ahead of him.

If we do have to go in for a striker this summer, Haaland certainly looks like the more practical option. But sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

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Juan Mario

Visca el Barca !!

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