Manchester City VS Real Madrid: Pep Guardiola’s Armoury for the Tie


If Zidane has options , then Pep Guardiola possesses an army at his disposal ! If Manchester City are a relentless goal scoring machine , then that machine is powered by Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Srerling. A front three with Gabriel Jesus , Riyad mahrez and Sterling followed by a De Bruyne powered midfield is a frightening prospect for any defence. If the Belgian international gets some space and a few seconds to look up , then consider an assist to be already on the way ! Kevin de Bruyne has established himself as the best player for man city by a country mile and the Man City player of the season award winner has a combined 33 goals and assists in the premier league, which is also the highest in the league. Set pieces are gonna be crucial moments especially if there is a clear shot on to goal and the Belgian behind the ball. Scoring a wonderful free kick against Chelsea , there would be very few players one can consider to be more dangerous at free kicks than him at the moment . Lastly, many pundits have claimed Kevin to be the best player in the world at the moment.

Sterling has had a personal best season on the finishing end of the pitch . Netting his 20th goal on the last day, the boy from Jamaica has become a goal thirsty monster ! His finishing is inch perfect , his pace with the ball back to his ever best, the citizens must be expecting a lot from him . Every time he plays , he looks eager to get on that score sheat and has a good partnership with Gabriel Jesus. The duo have been dangerous at times as they carve open the defences of the premier league.

Meanwhile, Sergio Aguero has started hitting the gym as he looks to recover in a race against time to be fit for the champions league. Pep Guardiola has ruled out the possibility of playing Sergio in the match against Madrid , but if city are going to win this, then nobody wants it without an Aguerooooo! moment.


Manchester City home Etihad stadium Champions League
Not exactly a fortress, but without a doubt the highest scoring stadium in the Premier league.

The premier league silver medalist’s have lost 9 games in the league this season, which is more than their last two seasons combined together. The mighty standards set by city themselves make their 81 point 102 goal scoring season look a disappointment (and Liverpool’s victory, of course) . Anyone following the premier league will tell you that once city have scored one goal at the Etihad , then its just the beginning of a painful end for the opposition. The newly crowned premier league champions in their very first game experienced a 4-0 loss at this very stadium. They have surely scored many goals in away games , but there is no denying of the ruthless goal scoring mode they put on at the Etihad , making official premier league matches look like training ground in a matter of a few minutes .

Home factor is not exactly a thing for City , the way it is for Liverpool and the club often criticised for having an apparent empty stadium, but the home performances from city in the way they dominate the ball and games in their home is well known by all and especially real Madrid will be aware

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