Real Madrid VS Manchester City: Talking Points before the Champions League Match

Pep Guardiola Zinedine Zidane Champions League Real Madrid vs Manchester City
  • Strong compact defence which is difficult to break and a lightning quick counter attack which has more often than not resulted in goal .
  • City have lost to teams quick on counter attacks on various occasions in the premier league , notably wolves and a more recent example of Southampton, who kept their shape and focus and were quick to break.
  • Players playing with pride and passion. Various reasons have been linked as to how the los balancos won the champions league three times in a row.. Our opinion remains simply the fact that each and every player plays with a pride and a respect for the White shirt and history of the Spanish capital which is unmatched by any other club on the planet.
  • No matter how poor they play , in the champions league Real Madrid are something else


  • Playing without their skipper and knight in shining armour for the first time since the restart, it should be interesting to see who steps up and takes the responsibility of a steady leader
  • Away from home at England with strict laws for Spanish tourists and against a well rested city side who have been focusing on this tie since a long time.
  • Mariano Diaz being tested positive for Covid19 and the effect this could have on the squad. It would be intresting to see how UEFA responds to this.


  • A well rested, well focused squad playing a big match in their home stadium where they have pushed aside opponents with ease. No major injuries except to Aguero and the entire squad looks ready to perform when called to action.
  • Away goal advantage and that too in the form of a 2 goal cushion. We have seen 4 goal advantages being turned around in the Champions League , but theoretically , 2 away goals should be enough for any team, thus the tie is said to be theirs to loose.
  • Perfect Farewell to El Mago. When we thought 2020 couldn’t be any worse , David Silva firmly refused to extend his contract with the Etihad and decided to bid adeau to the sky blues. David Silva admitted in an interview , that winning the champions league trophy would be the perfect farewell to an illustrious career
  • Absence of the Ramos threat.


  • Inconsistency has been a major reason for city to be lacking behind Liverpool, and we are pretty convinced at times that not even Pep Guardiola knows which city side will turn up today, the ruthless one ? Or the error prone one
  • Overthinking for big games has been a thing for Guardiola. He has been knocked out of the champions lagie for that reason since the last three reasons. He needs to stick to the plan and do with city what they have been doing entire season without making a weird change in formation or team selection
  • Unfortunately to say, we have never seen city players play because of the love and respect for the club. With great grief, we must say that the incentive appears to be the money which they Ever seen city go down a goal? Yes, for a few minutes the play is exceptional , but over time before the final whistle goes, we get the feeling of a team which has accepted its fate. We want to see the team who fought till the end, till the 93:20 on the final day to win their first title. Defeat is understood but giving up before the final whistle ? NEVER!

Do you agree with us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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