Why God why ?! Only with messi ?!

There has not been a single day in my life since may the 7th 2019 where i havent thought what could have been if barca had scored one away goal at Anfield.The home leg consisted the best moment i had ever witnessed, that freekick from Messi,i jumped i scremed I fell from my couch and woke up my entire family at 2am in the morning but i really did not care about anything except that moment. 3 nil up in the first leg,no way they could not have made the CL finals but a tragedy shook me the next week ,ne which i will never recover from.Again it was a 1:30am kickoff and i put multiple alrms and went to bed at 10 pm expecting another performance from my GOAT but during the night my phone died and did not wake up until 4. I was disappointed to miss the match but was sure that we would t have done it,i opened my dads phone to check the score wnd i could not believe my eyes 4 nil to Liverpool barca knocked out of the CL.I was still sleepy and thought it was just a nightmare,i pinched myself on the arm and it hurt both my arm and my heart.I still tried to convince myself that it was not real so i even went to sleep again trting not to think about it.It was near noon i finally realized what had happened and was crying from inside the entire day.I just could not accept it.I did not try to read anything about that game now wanted to hear any calm words from friends and family saying it was just a game.,It meant the world to me. Still to this i blame myself for the loss, that i did not wake up to support my beloved team and childishly i feel that if i was awake they could not have lost.it was not until today a year and a half later ,at a time when the world is in crisis and so is my beloved club i had the courage to watch the highlights of that game and ohhh man it pains me to even write about it, there were so many chances for us inevitably created by one man that neither he nor the ten others could grab credit to Alison where it is due,it was just him being on his day that pushed Liverpool through, I respect them as a club but i hate them for that day and i do not think i can put myself support i liverpool shirt ever in my life.Just like i cannot even it is deserved support a german that played a role in the 2014 WC final.Both of these are so similar ,one man on a mission againt 11 ,does everything he can and even more but falls just short because no one supports him ,put chances on a plate but somehow can’t take em and his teammates cant either.He promised at the start of the at the greatest stadium on earth that they will everything l to bring that coveted trophy back .They did not but he certainly did ,doing 10 people’s job on his own.There are tears in my eyes as i write,it’s a difficult time for barcelona ,they are in turmoil and the future does not look very bright but they still have someone who in flick of an eye can change everything for the better he may be getting old but he is not done just yet.I just hope and pray from all my soul that Messi can have his Last dance, may he win the WC and CL to sign off a journey that mere words cannot describe, that has given joy and happiness to all that have witnessed it.There was never a one like him, there will never be a one like him .2 billion years since life began and hopefully many more until it ends ,i think we all should be grateful to be present at a time where he weaves his magic on a football pitch week in week out and appreciate him while he is at it because when he retires there will be astronomical void left behind that none would fill. To my eyes he is a god and when he leaves there will always be a tear in my eye and a pinch in my heart,

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Juan Mario

Vista ēl Barca !

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